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we offer three varieties of blueberries that can be picked from early July to the end of August. We are committed to sustainable farming and the stewardship of natural resources and operate in compliance with environmental regulations.

Our Produce

G2G Berry Farm are small wonders – sweet, juicy, colourful and altogether healthy




Our Story

our local blueberry farm located minutes outside of Langley

Our local Berry Farm providing fresh fruits  that are grown honestly and with care. Our focus on quality makes us one of the best farmers’ markets in the area.

At G2G Berry Farm we specialize in cultivating and selling blueberries . We pride ourselves on producing nutrient-rich berries that are available at our Farmers Market both fresh and frozen. But our Farmers Market doesn’t stop there. We have a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables all available in the heart of Langley, BC. We also offer U-Pick blueberries, where you can pick your own blueberries from our farm.


No Harmful Chemicals used.

Fresh & Healthy

All our products hand picked & Fresh to eat.

100% Organic

We are committed to 100% organic farming.

Our Farm

The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

We are a family owned and operated farm. Our farm is in an unique area, close to the city but still a farm area. Our berries are grown and cared for in a sustainable way.  We are committed to stewardship of natural resources and operate in compliance with environmental regulations.




Same day, hand picked berries, no machines, sorted and cleaned, fresh off the field


Put your blue jeans on and come get your farmer’s tan while picking your own berries


Cleaned and sorted fresh berries, already frozen so you can enjoy them all winter

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

I coming to G2G farms for the past 5 years. I have been to many farms to buy berry directly... G2G farms always has the best quality compared to the rest.
Anna Cynthia
This blueberry farm is an absolute gem! The bushes are well maintained. Sweet, large blueberries were easy to pick. Not sprayed and all natural! A great place for a family berry-picking activity. Very nice owners too 🙂 Be sure to bring your own box container to take your blueberries home!
Jasmeen Randhawa
Great place! Great customer service and fantastic berries recommend this place 100% !!
Cathey Suzane